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After a good talk yesterday with my friend Christine. I realized that what is missing in my life is my writing. I love to write and talk, two things I haven’t been doing much of lately. I tossed around getting my blog up and going but what do I have to say? My life isn’t nearly as exciting anymore now that I’m back on home soil. The truth is I have lots to write about. My passion after writing is eating. Well food. I love and live for food. I am a certified foodie. So starts another chapter.

I didn’t want a food specific blog. I had worked on prochoice foodie for sometime, but I just want to write about food. I just want to talk, explore, learn and dive into food. Cooking, eating, buying, and trying all the world has to offer. I want to share my passion, and maybe (hopefully) with my passion I will carve a hobby out for myself.

Lets start this new chapter shall we?