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I wasn’t sure if this blog was the right type of place to talk about body image. This is a place for food and not to rant about this and that. However, this is my platform and I have the voice to say something.

I can’t go to any page on the internet without being slammed in the face with images. I can’t read a magazine, or pick up a paper without image being the front and centre of everything. Every day I read about how your body isn’t good enough and these are the ways to fix it. This is the best diet, these are the best exercises, xyz store has the clothes you want to fix your body. I am so very very tired of the world telling me how imperfect I am and how unhappy I should be because I’m not doing something about it.

The guilt that surrounds that will eat you alive. It will take your very being and smash it to smithereens. I ate too much today. I didn’t move my body enough. I did cardio and I should have done weights. It wasn’t a good workout because I’m not in pain. My diet isn’t going to plan because I ate 30 grams of carbs today and I should have had 10. I ate cake. I’m eating and should be fasting. I had 15 cups of water today and should have had 25. I can only do 2 reps of 10 I should be able to do 3 sets of 20. I only got to the gym twice this week.

Oh the guilt. It fills us like a billowing black smoke and consumes us.

When’s the last time you opened up Huffington Post and read about how you are enough and these are the reasons why. Have you scanned Buzzfeed today for 25 ways your body is perfect the way it is? Is your pintrest board filled with ways to nourish your body with real food? Go to your local news source and find an article on how moving your body any way you want is enough. Go ahead, I dare you to find the Easter Egg.

The truth is, it isn’t there. Okay, I have to admit that there is a time and place and need for building a stronger body and how to lose the weight you’ve been hanging on to. Some people want to be perfectly sculpted and need to lose hundreds of pounds. Those are legit. However for most people, it’s not the everyday and it’s not the norm.

For once I would love my new feeds to be filled with images of women and men wearing clothes. Real clothes. Real people doing real things. I want to read about cooking some new foods. I want to dive into an article about how loving your body is the new ‘dad bod’. I don’t want to know how to make my eyes pop, my eyes do pop! They are green and twinkle. They laugh when I laugh and smile when I smile. They change color and tell a story. But please world tell me how to love them more, not change them. I want to learn how to accept me, because for as long as I could read I’ve been told how to change. I don’t want to change, I want to love me. I want other women and men to love themselves. I want articles that are news worthy. Real news, because the last I checked Miley Cyrus isn’t news.

These images aren’t healthy. They flood me everyday and encourage me to be something I am not. Sad truth is, half the time I don’t have a clue who I am or what I like. I’m so bombarded with people telling me what I should like and who I should be it doesn’t foster a love for self. At the end of the day that is who I need to please isn’t it? Loving yourself is a journey of many years and many many worn paths. It takes confidence and time. It takes courage and strength. It take self-love and an environment to foster that growth.

I don’t want to know how to make my booty grown with 6 easy time-saving tips. I want to know how to get on the trail that takes me to the best me I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to know how I can get nicki minaj’s boobs, I want to be okay with the set I’ve got. Those, those are the stories I want to read. How can we learn to love ourselves fully, when the world is so against us?

I had a truly remarkable thought the other day. Maybe if we lived a world where we all loved ourselves. Loving others and supporting others would be easy. If we lived in a world that supported who we are as people, perhaps the turmoil would stop.

I guess the key to change is for one person to start a chain of events. One article today, a whole news page tomorrow.