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My loving Husband reminded me that amidst the chaos of school routines I have yet to put up a blog post. Truth be told I really want something exciting for you all. I have something up my sleeve, but it’s in the works. I did make a promise to myself to write everyday, post worthy or not. So here it is, possibly the shortest blog post EVER! A kitchen hack for you all.

When a recipe calls for butter; like pies and biscuits, use a box grater. I used to hand incorporate my butter, maybe use one of those handy-dandy pastry cutter/blender things. Then one day while watching Chef Michael Smith (who was the inn chef at the time) he said that those things are useless and to use a box grater instead. The butter should be frozen, but I use it out of the fridge. Grate my butter and it easily marries into the flour. So simple and so very easy!

On a completely strange note; I was about to google butter cutter, because my brain could not think pastry cutter. And up popped this, a true Butter Grater! Who the ding-dong doodley thinks of these things???

So there you have it folks, a helpful kitchen hack for you! Let me know if it works for you as much as it works for me!