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What a cray cray week! The kids are back in school and life is becoming a whirl of activity. I had mentioned in an earlier Post that I had changed the way my kids were eating. I had wanted to do this for sometime, but didn’t have the balls to take it up. After some good summer reads I have changed EVERYTHING! So here it is, a weeks worth of kids lunches…real food style.


I started the kids off easy; Cheese, crackers, meat. A fruit (watermelon), a veg (cucumbers) and a treat (popcorn)



We did Sandwiches, Yogurt Cake, fruit (strawberries) with yogurt and honey and a veg (carrots). There was also olives for those that like olives and 1 olive to try for the kid that didn’t.



I was too tired for a picture! Kids ate left over mac and cheese, a Veg (carrots and cucumbers for the boys, tomato for the girl) fruit (grapes) and popcorn


Cheese, crackers and meat.  A veg (peppers, carrots and cucumbers). Fruit (apples and pears). A treat (brownies). My girl really wanted yogurt so she got a small pot.


Overall I’ve gotten clean lunch boxes, which is more than any mom can ask for. We’re only drinking water, no more juice boxes. I make sure the ingredients are as clean as I can afford. The crackers; even though aren’t ideal with vegetable oil, they only have 4 ingredients. The meat is maple leaf naturals. Cheese is white cheddar. Popcorn is again made with non ideal oil, but the rest is good. All other treats are made from scratch. The bread is sourdough (this week) and made with great ingredients. Lunch boxes this year I’m using Rubbermaid LunchBlox for kids which are working better than ever imagined! Those blue ice trays they stack on keep lunches cold for hours and hours!

I’m really pleased with how things are going. It does take a bit more time, but the reward has been ten fold. I also get up at 6am, so I have time!

If you’re on the fence with lunches or how to change your kids lunch boxes just do it. My middle guy would only eat carrots and wowbutter sandwiches last year. To have him eat mac and cheese for lunch is worlds away from where we were!

Happy Lunch making!