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Here it is, the Friday lunch round-up. We’re getting into the full swing of things now. I’ve hit a bit of a rut with the veggies and I’ve been struggling to find away to dig myself out. Carrots and cucumbers seem to be hogging the spotlight this week.



Monday’s I really like to make easy, without much thought. So we have cheese, crackers, and meat. Brownies for dessert. Melon and grapes for fruit and cucumbers for veg.


I always miss a picture day, this week was Tuesday!

We had beef soup for lunch! strawberries and yogurt with honey for fruit, carrots and cucumber for veggies. Banana muffins for dessert and a brownie for little miss who doesn’t like banana anything (unless it’s a banana!)



Pizza Day! yummers! it’s cold, but the kids don’t really care. I used the left over pizza dough from Saturday’s pizza night. Dessert is left over crumble for the king of eat everything, brownie for little miss and a banana muffin for sir complains a lot. Apples and oranges for fruit and carrots and cucumbers with hummus for veggies.



Pasta day! Our thermos (s) are really getting a workout this week. I have carrots and cucumbers for veggie. Melon for little miss, grapes and melon to try for the boys and popcorn for dessert.



Thank Jebus we made it!

Little Miss wanted beef soup. So that’s what she’s having with sourdough bread. The boys are having meat and crackers with cornichons. Dessert is carrot cake and a banana muffin for sir complains a lot. Veggies I tossed in some raw broccoli for something new with caesar dressing. Fruit is bananas and an apple sauce for king of eat everything.

It was a good and busy week. The kids mostly ate everything in their lunch boxes. We’re having a little trouble with the Thermos vacuum sealing but other than that, the lunches have been all but clean!

Any clear lunch favourites for you this week? Any new lunch ideas?

Happy Friday everyone!