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There is nothing that I love more than making a huge pot of soup. Soup is one of those magical beings to me. You cut up humble ingredients; carrots, onions, garlic, and celery. Toss in a meat, some stock and with the power of time and heat you have a hearty soup. Just love what ingredients can do together!


Chicken Soup

  • Veggies of your choice. Make sure to include a base of at least onions and celery.
  • Stock
  • Chicken
  • Herbs
  • Spices of your liking.
  • White wine
  • 1 very large pot
  • oil

I always start my soups the very same way, sweating out some diced onions. In my very large pot warm some oil (maybe a TBSP or so and I use olive) toss in your diced onions and some salt to get out the juices. Put on a lid, turn the heat to medium and let the onions sweat it out. I do this for about 15 minutes or so. Sometimes I leave it a little bit longer, so that it can caramelize more. After the onions have sweated it out for a bit, I toss in the diced celery and garlic. When things start sticking to the bottom, then it’s time to de-glaze. I always do this with a some white wine, half a cup or so. When the pot has de-glazed I toss in the rest of my veggies. Just to warm them up. After they are warmed up (5-10 minutes) I sit my bird on top of it all. I don’t chop my bird or anything, just put that baby right on top of your veggies! I then add enough stock to cover my veg, and partially cover my chicken. Using fresh herbs make a bouquet garni (literally a bundle of herb) any herbs you like here and toss in the pot too. I make this in the morning so that it can go all day.  At some point the chicken will start falling apart. Scoop out all the chicken and it’s parts, when it cools add the meat back to your pot. Season how you want. I normally add pepper and cumin. Really soup is up for your interpretation, use what ever smells right and flavour that you absolutely love!


Some notes! If you can afford an organic chicken from the farm use that! I don’t use exact measurements as each person will add however many veggies they see fit. Sometimes I use 5 carrots and 2 potatoes. Sometimes no potatoes and 3 carrots. Sometimes I have a HUGE chicken, sometimes a tiny one. So use your judgement here! Also some birds will produce lots of fat and foam, sometimes nothing. If your bird give you fat and foam, just skim it off.  Enjoy with a good bottle of wine and a hearty bread!

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