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I was posting my lunches on Fridays as a finisher for the week. However I’m moving it to Sundays! I think it will be a good way to give you inspiration for the week ahead. As I’m gaining steam for my blog and finding my groove, I feel it’s important to have some sort of game plan. Hopefully by the end of this month (which is next week!) I’ll have it all sorted.  Then you my lovely readers will know what to expect from me each day. I love my little blog and I want to make sure I give you the best reading experience possible. That way when I hit the writing scene big time, you will all know me as the little blogger who was always awesome and looking out for her readers! *insert big grin here*

So here it is, last weeks lunches!


keeping with tradition, Monday is easy! Why complicate your life when you just want to go back to bed?


cheese, crackers, meat. Popcorn for dessert. Carrots and cucumbers for veggies and an apple for fruit.



There was leftover pasta for the main (not shown). Grapes for fruit and king of eat everything asked for applesauce. Carrots and cucumbers for veggies and brownies for dessert.


Honestly I was having one of those weeks where I got to hump day and couldn’t find my will to make lunch. So I literally gave them everything they had on Monday. The exact same meal!

Meat, cheese, crackers. Popcorn for dessert. Carrots and cucumbers for veggies. This time I shook it up with bananas for fruit!



Sandwiches! We haven’t had them in so long! Ham and butter for the boys. Lemon yogourt cake for grumpy pants, brownie for little miss and king of eat everything. We had carrots and cucumbers for the boys and little miss wanted turnip. Fruit we had apples. Little miss wanted leftover soup. So she got that with some buttered bread.


Again, why complicate things? It’s Friday!


Pizza buns for lunch! popcorn for dessert. Celery with cream cheese to try (it was a big fail, the cream cheese exploded and grossed everyone out) and grapes for fruit.

There it is. The weekly lunch menu. Eating real lunches hasn’t been hard, but it has been difficult figuring out what to eat each day. I do need to figure out a better planning system to make this work long-term. There is also those days (like Wednesday) where you just don’t have the will to make lunch. It’s easy to toss in whatever you can find when you just don’t have steam. Again, I need a game plan for those days!

Happy Sunday, here’s to another week of lunch making!

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