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Well Fall has arrived. I know the warm breeze is still lingering and the sun is still calling us to the beach. But the pumpkins are out and the apples are in full glory. It’s time to get picking!

When I was a kid I remember this thrilling apple day I had. My Aunt, sister, mum and I went to this great big apple orchard. We spent the majority of the day climbing trees and ladders to get the best apples. Afterwards my mum and I had hours of work ahead peeling and coring; It was worth it though, the hard work made those apples taste so much sweeter!

I’m lucky enough to live in a city that has numerous apple orchards just within a short drive. Saturday we were babysitting Grandma and decided that apple picking would be a great activity. The kids have never gone and it’s been ages since I’ve done it. We decided to head to Frootogo in Waterdown as I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it.

Honestly I was a little more than disappointed. The apple trees are all dwarf, meaning that the kids can literally run down the aisles picking as many as their little hands can grab. Seems like a good idea in theory; but really, apple picking should be work!  It took us about 20 minutes to fill two huge bags with apples, Cortlands and Galas. Big beautiful shiny apples, just waiting to become something delicious!






They also have some fun activities for the kids; hay maze, play zone and a wagon ride. A farm shop also awaits you with pies and scones to temp your tummy.  We took a lovely wagon ride with Gary (the driver!) through some of their grounds and around the pumpkin patch. Sadly with three kids, most other activities are just a no go. Who wants to spend $25 on a maze?!

So with our loot, we headed home to make a delicious apple crumble.


Apple sauce, also on the menu


So local foodies, have you headed to your local orchard yet? Now is the time to load up and get cracking! There is pie to be made, tarte tatin to create, apple sauce to boil, and what every apple goodness you can create!

So what’s your favourite apple recipe? I have still have a huge bag left!

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