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I’m always on the hunt for good food and local foodie shops. Here in Burlington we have a handful of places that seem to remain hush to the general public. I have made it my mission to find these place and uncover the treasures they hold inside.

The amount of olive oil I use in a week is startling, I really should have my own olive trees or stock in the liquid gold. Downtown Burlington has its own Olive Oil Dispensary, and honestly I have passed it hundreds of times and never gone in. Why, I’m not sure! The place is comparable to those I have found in France and California, its honestly that good!

Any Olive Oil you can dream of you’ll find at the Olive oil Dispensary, they have light, medium and robust. They have infused oils of all varieties and then if you haven’t excavated the oil enough the vinegar list is beyond exciting. Dark Balsamic, White Balsamic and then speciality vinegar!

What I really like about the Olive Oil Dispensary is the ease around the shop, it’s not all crammed in like a tasting buffet. It’s all easy to find and the staff can see your perplexed look from their counter, also they give you bread! This is a must for me; as much as I love olive oil, I don’t like to drink it. I also don’t serve it in shot glasses or offer it as an aperitif. So I like to taste my olive oil how I serve it, mixed with food.

I didn’t buy anything when I was in, I was so excited about the gem that I snapped my pics, asked questions and left like a dork. Sometimes that just how I roll! Next time I plan on really tasting the goods and getting a solid feel for this beauty of a gem just sitting on my door!







Located right on the Corner of Brant St and Lakeshore. Downtown Burlington. Don’t miss it!


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