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I’m not a big fan of most chain restaurants, it’s just not my thing. I don’t go out to eat often, but when I do I try to spend my money on restaurants owned by people who truly get food. Now there isn’t anything wrong with chain restaurants if that’s what you’re into. I’m just saying, I prefer to spend say $50 at Son of a Peach pizzeria over a chain pizza place. Or save and have an amazing steak at Jacobs over heading out to an average steakhouse. It’s just what we do. If I’m going to eat out it’s going to be amazing and leave my palate truly tantalized.

Now I do have a few chainish places that I go to occasionally which are on the smaller scale and not found in every major city in Canada. Then I have a handful of chains that I will go to without blinking. These places still treat food with the same respect as smaller non chain establishments.

One of Hubs and I favourite chain places is Earls Kitchen and Bar. It’s a place we go to when we want a casual non fussy place, but still above average attention to detail in their food. They also have a great wine list which is equally as important to food in my books!

In my latest clean/purge session I stumbled up a Gift Card for Earl’s in some of Hubs old things. After checking the balance and finding a decent balanced I tucked it away for a perfect date night. Wednesday has recently become kid free and Hubs and I jumped at the chance for a meal that we didn’t have to cook. Earl’s it was!

We decided to have a meal of Appetizers as I’m still under the weather and Hubs was mourning the loss of home-made pasta sauce he wasn’t eating. The selections; Tuna Tostadas, Italia Pizza and Chicken with Wontons (I had to give the dude something that resembled chicken wings to go with the Jays game!)

Tuna Tostadas


A perfect blend of spice on raw albacore tuna. Fresh Avocado and Jicama slaw, sitting on a fresh corn tortilla. All surrounding by a lovely cilantro aioli.

Italia Pizza 


This was amazingballs! Thin crust pizza, cheese melted to perfection and sauce with the right amount of bite. Charcaturie inspired meat; Salami, ham and Chorizo all coming together for the ultimate yum factor.

Chicken and Wontons


Sweet and spicy chili sauce en golfing lightly breaded chicken. Wontons mingled in between for supreme crunch factor. A good marriage compromise to chicken wings!

I had a medium bodied Californian Chardonnay; What cha ma call it (seriously!) and Hubs a draft beer to go with all the cheering he was doing!

Pick your restaurants with care and never settle for less than amazing food even at a chain restaurant. Happy Eating!

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