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I know the blog has been a little slow as of late, I know!

I came down with some crazy cold last week which I’m still fighting and this week I’m in a state of mourning.

As most of you know I revamped the way that my family ate this summer and I’ve been living off an eat what you want (within moderation) high ever since. When I was eating mainly paleo (well dairy and wheat free) I never took in account that I was feeling well because of the foods I wasn’t eating. My eczema wasn’t flaring, my skin was clear, I didn’t get sick and I wasn’t physically exhausted. I didn’t for a minute think that if I went back to wheat and dairy I would suffer.

Now those who know me best, know that I do more research on a food topic then any person should. So I should know better. I really should. However I’ve pushed myself to a point where my body is truly suffering for the food that I’m putting into it at the moment.  The wheat and diary are just not cutting it in my world right now. My eczema is so bad that it’s making doing anything with my hands a gruelling and painful task. It’s on my eyes to the point, where I can’t see at night. Then there is my skin, full of teenage acne and breakouts. I can’t forget how physically exhausted I am at the moment and then this cold that I can’t shake.

So I’m in a bit of a funk and mourning the food that I want to eat, but know in my heart I can’t. I just can’t. With this thought all sorts of feelings are surfacing that have nothing to do with the hard work that I’m putting into my little blog. But have to do with the fact that I’m trying to be a foodie who can’t eat two major food groups. I’m feeling a tad hypercritical telling everyone how great home-made bread is or how awesome a dessert is, when in fact it’s making me sicker then I have felt in years.

It’s a road block and one that I need to work past, trying to figure how to make this work while I myself continue to work through major food issues.

I guess we all need to eat for our body and we need to be in touch with ourselves enough to know when we have to give something up. I’m thinking a Whole30 might be in order to gain my footing back. Then maybe I can refocus on the tasks at hand! Maybe become the best Gluten Free and Dairy free guru out there, all while making delicious and awesome food?

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week! Remember to stay focused on you and never lose site of what you need to do, to be the healthiest you can be!