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So just because wheat and I have broken up that doesn’t mean I’m not going to have my cake and eat it too!

When I was living in England I was gifted a lovely cook book from the Primrose Bakery. I have made so many cakes and goodies from it that most of the pages are stuck together! So since I’m having a domestic with wheat I decided to make cake. Because that’s what you should do when you’re having a fight with someone/thing you love. This is Gluten free and can be made dairy free. Since I have never had a problem with butter I have used it in this recipe.

Flourless Chocolate Cake (taken mostly from the Primrose Bakery)

  • 200g chocolate
  • 200g of unsalted butter
  • 4 large eggs
  • 220g of sugar

It’s really so easy it’s stupid! Take your chocolate and butter, melt together. While the butter and chocolate are co-mingling separate your eggs. Whites in one bowl, yolks in another. Take your sugar and mix with the yolks. Once the chocolate and butter have melted, cool slightly. Go ahead while it’s cooling to beat your egg whites to fluffy white peaks (or as close as you can get). Now dump your butter chocolate mix into the egg yolk and sugar mixture, stir constantly while you do this! You don’t want the warm chocolate/butter to cook your eggs! After that has mixed, take your fluffy whites and fold into the chocolate sugar egg goodness.

Now the tricky part of the cake is two things. You should cook it on low, maybe 325. I can’t tell you how long for, it always changes. I would say for certain an hour isn’t unusual. Check it around the 45 minute mark. Its more of a pudding cake; so while a toothpick should come out clean, you’re still going to have a bit of crumb. It really isn’t a set cake, so even after you think it’s done there is a good chance it’s more like pudding in the middle! That’s okay! totally cut a slice put in a bowl and mix with milk or ice cream! or enjoy the puddingness of it all!

Okay a word about chocolate and sugar. The original recipe calls for good quality dark chocolate. I have used all kinds of chocolate all with excellent success. Bakers chocolate, chocolate bars, even chocolate chips! As long as you have 200 grams, your fine! Sugar; I only use raw sugar so I can’t tell you how sweet normal white sugar would be.

So there you have it! A perfectly good paleo (for those who eat butter) gluten-free cake! You can totally make it Vegan too!

Take that wheat, I don’t need you in my cake anyway!

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