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It seems like a totally obvious thing, but some people don’t really put much thought into it. You’re having a really bad month/week/year, you wonder what the heck is going on with your body. Are you pregnant? Maybe you got dodo bird disease? Maybe you’re covered in some weird rash? What could be the problem? You see the Dr but you get the same old Dr lines, it’s probably a viral something rather another. Truth is, it’s probably something you’re eating.

Every day we put loads into our bodies and some of us are blissfully unaware that some of what we shove into our gobs is really effecting our bodies. Even things we may not think about; like meat, fruit, veggies, sugar, eggs, soy or milk. It’s really important that we know ourselves, truly know ourselves.

During my current break up with wheat I’ve been also keeping aware of how else my body is feeling and reacting to food. I’ve been noticing that it’s not just wheat and diary that affecting me…there is other culprits. So I’ve bought a journal to start writing down every food that I’m eating. I’m taking lots of notes! What the meal is, what the foods are in that meal, how I was feeling before I ate and how I’m feeling afterwards. It really gives you a good indicator on trigger foods. I’m noticing pork seems to make me bloated. Too much wine will give me a lingering headache the next day (and not in a hungover way!) I don’t eat enough greens or drink enough water. This information is key to good health.

It’s easy enough to go through your day thinking you’re eating well or treating your body like a temple, but do you really know?? What about those of use trying to lose a few pounds? Do you know how much you are truly consuming? Count up all those bites and nibbles you took. You may feel proud of yourself for not eating the cookies you just made, however you ate enough dough for 3 cookies.

Journaling may seem like one of those boring non fun things to do.However when you’re not feeling your best and your body isn’t feeling well, it’s good to know why! Don’t forget to be honest with yourself and what you’re putting into your mouth. No one is going to suffer more than you from your dishonesty. For those of us watching our pounds, be honest with the amount you are eating. It it’s 12 cookies, don’t put two. Also if you are trying to lose weight, put why you ate. If you had a snack, was it because you were hungry? Bored? Tired? Upset? This is good key information to keeping us on track. If you know every day at 2 you eat a snack because you are tired. Maybe you can plan a walk around this time (to waken you up!) Maybe at 9am you’re snacking because you are bored. With this information you can really plan out your day and your meals.

It’s really worth it to put time and effort into ourselves. We want to live long and healthy lives. Being in the know about ourselves and our bodies is the key to getting us there.