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Well it seems to be that time again, another Whole30 is just around the corner. Whether you have food issues or not, a Whole30 isn’t just a food program. It’s about learning more about you, how your body works and what you need to do to feel your best all the time.

I’m not going to lie; its hard work, very hard work. You have to want it in order to succeed at it. You have to be a cross roads in your eating habits and know that you need to change something. In thirty days with your hard work and determination something truly amazing happens. For those of us with food addictions and food related issues, it’s honestly life changing.

After your body gets over the shock of not eating all the foods it’s used to, a calm takes over your whole being. Sugar no longer calls you in your dreams. You feel full with real food. Your body is satisfied, truly satisfied. You have energy that you never felt before. Your skin clears up. The binge eating goes away. Did you hear that? The chains of food is freed

As a briefing, during a Whole30 there is a long list of foods that you will not be eating. No wheat, dairy, grains, sugar. No cheat meals with compliant ingredients and no alcohol! So what will you be eating? LOADS! real food, whole food and good fats! You may not be eating cake, but you won’t miss a bite! Promise

Please know that this is NOT a diet. If you are doing this to drop some pounds, then turn away now. This is NOT for you. A Whole30 is a reset in the way you are eating. This is to teach you how your body feels without major allergens. This is to rid yourself of food demons.

So where to start? Set a date if you have to, or just jump right in. You do need to gear up for this. So if you wake up in the morning and think ‘Today I’m going start a whole30!’ Great, but make sure you have the time to go grocery shopping! Because you’re not going to be having milk and sugar in your coffee, you won’t be eating toast for breakfast and you need to eat balanced! The Whole30 website has a lot of free print outs, I found this very helpful during my first Whole30. I stuck them all over my fridge so I would know right away what to eat and how much, like your own personal coach!

So do your homework! Figure out a meal plan for every meal of the day and start prepping! Prep work truly is a key to whole30 success! Some days you just don’t want to cook; you’re tired, over worked, lazy or just busy. If you have food waiting in the fridge, it’s easy to be mindless! You won’t have to think about anything but making sure you have enough fat,carb and proteins.

There is a large Whole30 community out there. If you want to learn more or have questions, you just have to ask! I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be strong enough to do this. But when you dig deep and want something bad enough, it’s amazing what you can accomplish!