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I’m not a very patient person by nature. I just want things to happen now! This same story goes for food. I generally can’t wait for a meal to be ready, or the tea to finish brewing or the cake to cool. I don’t think I’m alone. I think there are millions of us non patient people all over the world, we probably could have our own club, but we could never get together, because you know…the waiting.

I’m really trying to turn over a new leaf. I’ve started with daily activities like playing with the kids, cooking, reading (really! I can’t even wait to get to the end, so I read the end first!) I’ve also spilled this over to eating. You know what? It’s pretty amazing. The anticipation of eating, makes the food so much better! Now in cooking you have to do a little tasting, its part of cooking. For me, it wouldn’t be uncommon to get a good scoop and try before serving it to others.  Now with my waiting lessons, I’m just dabbing..a wee bit, onto a spoon to taste the seasoning.

With tea/coffee, I always have a little something on the side. Normally these tiny biscotti that are just the perfect treat! But because you can eat about 5 or so of them (they are that tiny!) I would put five on the plate, wait for tea and eat 2 before the tea was ready. Well I now take three and let the anticipated crunchy bite build up until the tea is ready.

There really is something to be said about the waiting. Letting all the excitement and wonder build up. Let your mind imagine how good it’s going to taste and when you finally get there, it’s just pure magic. Letting a cake completely cool before you cut into it and take that first bite. The aromas permeating the air and filling your house with lingering ‘come eat me’s!’ Waiting until the right moment to break open a fresh loaf of bread. Letting a bottle of wine truly open, before you take a sip. Coming home with farm butter and waiting for the perfect slice of hot toast to put it on. Letting a creme brulee fill your nostrils before you break that perfect crust.

You can even apply this to cooking! Oh my goodness, I’m the worst at turning things up because the slow melt of butter is driving me out of my tree! I just want the butter to melt, right when I put it in the pan. I want the mushrooms to drain their liquid quickly, I want meat to brown when I say and I want onions to caramelize in 5 minutes, not 25! But to wait, to truly let food do what it needs to do without rush is a site to be hold! The sound of eggs hitting warmed butter, or when risotto is all starchy like and has finally come together. Waiting until meat has let go of a pan, to flip it over. Letting Yorkshire’s get to their full risen potential.

I guess this is all part of our rush rush lives. We’re so used and accustomed to getting things just when we want and how we want them. It’s hard to slow down for a minute. When we can do this, when we can master the art of waiting and just turning down turbo speed for a minute. Something wonderful does happen. You learn. You learn about heightened tastes. You learn the art of slow cooking. You learn patients. This, is the best gift you can ever give yourself. If we’re always busy rushing around. How will we ever enjoy and savour? How will we ever use our five senses that were gifted to us.