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It’s been quiet on the blog as I’ve been away. But another week, another exciting post! So I went and visited my Hubs in Seattle as he was there on business. A whirl wind of a trip, but a getaway none the less! So this week, Seattle and a few gems will be the feature.  Instalment 1, Pike Place Market.

So everyone I can imagine knows Pike Place Market, it’s the thing to do when you visit Seattle. You go, you check it out, you take way to many pictures of men tossing fish. It’s iconic and probably has thousands of post on it. But have you ever gone for the sheer enjoyment of a market? Have you ever gone for knowledge? Or maybe for the pure love of local food?

image Hubs and I tend to be early birds, we get up and hit the pavement running. So it wasn’t a surprise that we got to the Market well before the hub bub began. Honestly, this is the best time to come. A handful of stalls are open, the staff has time to talk and you can ask lots of questions without interruptions.  We were able to talk to the fish monger without pushy people or without the show being on.


IMG_0612 (1).JPG

Right past the fish show, lays the most amazing spice and herb shop. Market Spice will call to you from smell alone. The amazing aromas will direct your attention from fish, to spice. You walk in and the smell of the store draws you in like a warm bath. It’s the type of shop you just want to pull up a chair in and spend the day inhaling deep spicy notes. It’s magical and if I could have brought spices back to Canada, I would have filled up my bags! Don’t miss this store, not for a minute! Even if it’s to have a nose around, it’s worth the trip to Pike Place alone!


image1 (1).JPGThere is something so soul filling to be in such a place before people take over. To watch the floors glisten with fresh rain. To see displays being put together. To notice the small details come to life. The flowers have a different smell when you can actually have the time to sit, look, touch, inhale, ask and marvel at their beauty. Food getting hot for sampling and for purchase. The fresh fish samples, only available to those early birds. I’m such a senses person and to have free range to use all of them, without interruptions was by far the highlight of my trip! Because we love playing tourist in Cities we’ve been to before we headed over to Beecher’s Cheese. image2 (1).JPG

Probably famous for these beauties, as they also make them on site. However we sampled other products and devoured the most amazing grilled cheese ever! You must ask about the sweet fire chevre! Word!

Right above Pike Place is a hidden city gem; Matt’s in the Market. You would be wise to make reservations ahead of time, so when you’re done with the Market you can head on up. I had done my research on where to eat in Seattle before I left and Matt’s was definitely on my radar! Located upstairs on the corner of 1st and pike.  A beautiful little spot with views overlooking market and Elliot Bay. It’s loud, so don’t think quiet and romantic! A fantastic open kitchen and not a bad seat to be had! We ended up sitting at the bar and talking with the amazing bar staff. The menu is small, however mighty. Lots of things to choose from for Omnivores and Vegetarians. I feel like I could have sampled everything! I choose the falafel and hubs went for the Pork Belly Confit (sandwich). I know it seems strange to order falafel at a place like this, but sometimes I order ‘simple’ items to see how good a kitchen really is. If they are an outstanding kitchen, it will not just be a falafel. It will be a magnificent dish of flavours and spices and unique parings. IMG_0626.JPG

Needless to say, I’m glad we were able to get into Matt’s. We left with happy bellys and a promise to come again when we were in Seattle. It’s fresh food, straight from the market. It’s packed with flavour and aroma. It’s something new and a dash of creativity. There is thought and purpose in each dish. Each plate filled with skill andjust enough ingenuity. They aren’t reinventing the wheel here, just mastering it. A really lovely spot, right in the heart of Pike Place.

I really hope next time you’re in Seattle that you’ll take in Pike Place with fresh new eyes. Grab your Starbucks and get there early. Since most tourist can’t really buy much, it’s a great time to become a knowledgeable foodie. Ask lots of questions and ask for samples. I can’t imagine taking in the market any other way.