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It’s been a week point five since The Block Co opened it’s doors on John Street in Burlington (ON). The Block Co’s warm woods and hip vibe draws you right in off the street. The window alone evokes deep come hithers! Not only a cheese and charcuterie shop, it stocks pantry items necessary for ultimate boarding success, including the board!

Owner Troy Smith’s previous foodie and restaurant experience gives way to easy knowledge of the goods he has available. Not only will you find salami’s and terrine’s, prosciutto and sausage. You can get chorizo, coppa, Bayonne Ham and Lonza (just to name a few!) Then the cheese! Soft, hard, mild, sharp, stinky, local and imported. Because I had come early (secretly hoping to find Troy alone) we had a good sample or two. I settled on the elk and fig terrine, an Italian Fontina and a goat Cape Vessy.

The Block co has an amazing space and lots of room to expand and host a multitude of events. This foodie gem has a chef on hand ready for all Troy’s creative ideas. I look forward to returning; not only as a regular customer, but for many food tasting and cooking parties.

With an always changing menu and a desire to please the crowds, The Block Co is exactly what Downtown Burlington needed.  A fresh face with an energy for the products they sell.

This fantastic shop can’t succeed without you, stop in today (parking is right up the street!) and get some foodie education! Put your ideas on their “I want you to sell board” and get ready to have an amazing cheese/charcuterie experience. Welcome to Burlington Block Co, we’re happy you’ve arrived!