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Burlington’s newest addition, Rust Bistrobar is trying to make its mark in North Burlington. Opening it’s doors just three young months ago, Rust is already causing a buzz with foodies in the area. A full house and a busy kitchen is always the clear sign of a winner! Located at 1801 Walkers line, right on the corner of Uppermiddle.

It always seems strange to me to find a great restaurant in a suburban neighborhood, I guess Burlington is moving up in the world!  The menu offers everything from charcuterie to coq au vin, even a vegetarian option (or two) makes an appearance. A small wine list; giving you selections from the usual top producers in California, France and Italy. You’ll also find a good selection of cocktails. The plank board changes weekly giving you a good opportunity to try some new cured meats and sample some unique cheeses.

Hubs and I mostly agree on what we want to eat, so we make a few choices and ask for the non appetizer selections to be shared. Up tonight; Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts, Plank board (for two), Braised Beef short Ribs and Pappardelle.

Plank Board

A beautiful array of cured meats and cheeses arrived quickly on the most beautiful board around. Some of the night selections included ostrich, boar, Manchego cheese and a maple goat (cheese). Adorned by the most glorious warmed salted olives, crisp green apple, spicy grainy mustard and tomatoes stuffed with peppers. It was lovely in all sense of the word. The right amount for two, left you hungry for more and eager for the next course.

Kung Pao Brussel Sprouts

Red chilli’s, pork belly and perfectly cooked Brussel Sprouts. Leaving your palette dancing and excited. The chilli’s not over powering, the pork belly not overly salty and those gorgeous sprouts! Makes you feel like you’re doing the adult thing by eating Brussel Sprouts, but inner foodie is having a party because they are cooked so well they taste like candy! A must try!

Braised Beef Short Ribs.

Wow, how can you describe perfection? The short rib is cooked to fall off the bone. Seasoned only mildly giving way to the beef to be the star. The jus isn’t heavy, it’s light and rich. Each piece of meat flakes off in just the right morsel  size. We didn’t touch the potatoes honestly. We had pasta! I wouldn’t have wanted the potatoes anyway, a yorkshire pudding would of be the most amazing accompaniment. Letting you sop up the good bits and not filling your belly with ‘spackle.’ A good main, that won’t disappoint in any way!


Fresh pasta, light tomato sauce, wild boar and just the right hit of Manchego cheese. This was divine and an easy winner! The pasta wasn’t too thick, but thick enough for you to grab meat, cheese and tomato. It was cooked beautifully, just the right al dente. The tomatoes and boar married perfectly together. The Manchego being a fresh alternative to the typical Parmesan!

The food was definitely the star of the show. The restaurant itself is cosy and full of eye candy. Lovely warm woods, soft lighting, a seat at the kitchen (if you choose!) great display of wine. There was no detail spared, I appreciate that I can come here and the atmosphere attributes to the wonderful food served. There is a flaw; for those who notice time, you may notice how long it takes for the food to get to you. We waited over twenty minutes from the appetizers to the mains. Twenty minutes. The wait staff was good in making sure the drinks stayed topped, but that’s about where it ended. We did approach the time issue at the end, and were greeted with a smirk about ‘we’re new’ and then walked off without as much as a blink.

I love great food. However I appreciate staff who care more. Staff who care that you waited a really long time to eat. Staff that are excited by what they are serving and staff who care if you return. We will return, the food is too good and too close to home not to. I can see this being a major annoyance for most people. I don’t expect to have food arrive seconds from the last one leaving, but twenty minutes is too long in my eyes. Hopefully the wrinkle can be ironed out. This is a gem in a very unexpected location. If you aren’t fussed by time, give it a shot. The food will not let you down! Quick side note:skip the bread basket as it’s cold and not worth filling your belly with, save the room for the best parts.