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Burlington has a doughnut shop, did you know?! Me either! I went to get the delicious details and see why I never heard the news! Located right beside the Burlington Art Gallery at 439 Brock Ave, park at the B.A.G parking lot! You can’t miss them!

A quaint shop, you go there for one thing and one thing only…DOUGHNUTS! You can also grab a coffee and a cold drink, but really…DOUGHNUTS!

The friendly staff will guide you through the collection so you can pick your favourite. I talked with Katie this morning who told me my best bet was to choose between the apple fritter, dulce de leche, their signature or the cream filled. I took them all minus the fritter, and grabbed a plain sprinkled one as well. I’m going to win mom of the year award tonight, you can read my acceptance speech later!

Owned by the same amazing people who made pizza cool again, Son of a Peach. Stop in today, say hi to Katie and choose wisely (or take them all!). Then you can move your butt down to the lake and walk it off or have a doughnut picnic at Brock Park!

The taste? AMAZING! They are like a doughnut croissant. Light and flaky, airy and spongy. The only reason I know they are greasy is because of the box, they don’t taste an ounce like greasy cakes! The ‘plain’ ones aren’t at all plain. Each bring a level of sweetness that doesn’t over power your palate. The chocolate filled is by far the best ‘Boston Cream’ you have ever stumbled upon; the chocolate is more a ganache then icing, so rich and dense, the cream filling is not overly sugary (won’t make you nauseous) but luscious and dare I say…delicate? The dulce de leche was probably our favourite; it was sweet and salty. Caramel, without tasting like Halloween candy.

What I love most about these doughnuts is they aren’t heavy, the flavour is ever so subtle but packed with punch. They don’t make you feel like you’ve eaten heavy cake, but leave you completely satisfied. I know it’s silly to ohhh and ahhh over doughnuts, however it’s hard to find ones with artisan quality!  The Sunshine Doughnut Co completely delivers in spades; a decadent treat worthy of all the ohhh’s and ahh’s you toss at them. Another amazing foodie find that everyone can appreciate and love!