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Nature’s Emporium has finally arrived in Burlington! To be honest I was quite sceptical about another food shop going in at the old Zarky’s location.  We had a Mrs Green’s there and it was nice enough. Now I’m also a big shopper and supporter of Goodness Me, a local health food store that also has their own farm. Well if Whole Foods and Goodness me had a love child, it would be Nature’s Emporium. It’s a beautiful shop! There is something for everyone. The layout is easy to navigate and everything is easy to find. There is no confusion as to where anything is located! That I must say is my biggest pet peeve about Goodness me! I can never find anything and it feels that things are just there, without cause.

Now somethings are over priced, with my local grocery store carrying them at a fraction of the cost. However a lot of the produce was a fantastic price (for organic too!) I was really impressed on the variety and selection available. Many items I have swooned over online; but had yet to find in a Canadian location, Califia Almond Milk being one!

Vegan’s-You’ll find many options for those avoiding all animal products. I think most Vegan’s swoon for cheese. You’ll have your choice here. Nature’s Emporium carry’s many varieties including; Nuts for cheese and Sister River Foods. You’ll have your pick of ‘milks’ too! There is your typical almond, rice and soy. Along with some you don’t see everyday, chic pea.

Foodie’s-This isn’t just a health food store. This is a foodie mecca! Many gourmet cheeses from around the world; France, Poland and Italy. Some high-end products from Masion Orphee. Varied types of yogurts, meats and milled flours. Then there is that Coffee/Tea aisle!

Paleo/Whole 30 and Gluten Free-Oh yes; Whole 30ers, Nature’s Emporium carries Pederson’s Farms Bacon! There is also the usual Gluten free breads, wraps, rolls, cookies and cakes. You can also pick up paleo/whole 30 approved flours and mixes.

I’m so impressed by the options available here. Every corner had a new surprise waiting for me. Extensive cosmetics, bulk foods, pet foods, baby/kid items, holistic teas, herbs, spices. If that wasn’t enough, you can grab something to eat at the salad bar, or a treat from the juice station! Nature’s Emporium is definitely here to stay!