How To Cook A Wolf


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When we were eating lunch at Matt’s in the Market we of coursed asked where would be a great dinner spot. Although many were given; we decided to go with another restaurant on my radar, How to Cook a Wolf. Located in the Queen Anne neighbourhood of Seattle, you’re going to have to use your eyes for the small sign when you arrive. Beautifully laid out with warm wood adorning the walls. Seating is snug, but comfortable. You’ll be greeted by the kitchen staff, as you walk in almost right upon them. I can’t comment on the day time atmosphere, but the night is dimly lit with just the right amount of romance. Most menu items are for sharing  and even the ones that are not, can be requested to share. Hubs and I settled on; Roasted Lollipop Kale (as recommended by the amazing waiter), Charred Apple Bruschetta, Crispy Duck Leg and Gnocchi.

The Kale was outstanding. I’m not a big kale fan, but this! Even the stem was edible; perfectly cooked without over powering seasonings. Salty, without puckering your lips. No bitter aftertaste and easy to chew. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since! Great recommendation!
Charred Apple Bruschetta. Well this, this is creativity at it’s best! This is not your average bruschetta. Apples, onions, creamy goat cheese, pear butter. It was good. Hubs liked it a bit more than I did. Maybe it was the apple? I was really appreciative of the thought that went into this, moimagere then I appreciated the taste. I think. I love when a chef and a kitchen can think outside of the box and creative something that no one has thought of yet. I have not seen a bruschetta any where that didn’t include tomato someplace. So if you enjoy cooked fruit; not in a dessert, then you’re sure to enjoy this! I actually think I would try this again, near the end of the meal. As a palette cleanser and as a sweet treat.






Crispy Duck leg and Gnocchi. Not sure where the Gnocchi picture went, but it’s vanished into memory alone! This to me, is where dinner went from okay, to BLAH. Again, the creativity in the dishes was brilliant. I applaud the effort that went into the preparation and execution of these meals. Lets start with the duck. It’s was cooked to perfection. It was crispy but maintained all juicy qualities. The pumpkin puree with the duck was amazing. They came together with such a tasteful marriage. Then there was the green salad on the side. Which was spicy (not hot, just hit your palette spice) and minty which was a strange match up that lingered on your tongue too long; and farro, just hanging out mixed in the greens, hoping to not get noticed. Well I noticed, it was delicious. A tweak to that green salad and more farro, this dish would have been a star in the dim light!

Gnocchi. I love gnocchi. I really do. When ever I get the opportunity to eat a gnocchi meal, I jump at it. Well this was just a creamy let down. Really. No colour, no pizzazz, just beige. It felt padded with cream and butter to appear elegant, when in reality it hits with heart burn at the end. It was heavy with not much flavour. They could have done so much more to bump it up. Like seeing your name on a big box under the Christmas tree; when you open it, you find socks. It was so sad. Gnocchi is one of those simplistic elements that can hit stars when you pair it well. I guess I should have known; White Bolognese, Celery Root, Parsnips, Grana Padano. It’s beige at its best.

At this point, we could and would have gone on to dessert. However feeling so heavy from gnocchi. We just wanted to get our fat pants on and pass out. The highlights of this place is definitely the creativity, even the name is amazing! The staff is warm and our waiter (which after a bottle of red and too heavy gnocchi his name escapes me) was just a wealth of energy and light. He really presented each course to us like we were royalty. Also great recommendation for the kale! The atmosphere invites a deep breath and an enjoyment to each course.  The menu is small and not confusing. The place clears out pretty quickly (it’s only open until 11pm) but allows for lingering. Service is quick, but not too fast that you have to inhale each dish. I would try this place again, however maybe choose dishes that I know, and just enjoy the creativity that they put into it. I would also go earlier (we sat at 9pm) to let any heaviness settle better, this meal sat with me well into Sunday. I highly recommend calling early for reservations and if you’re not fussed about seating, sit at the bar for optimal kitchen viewing.



Pike Place Market


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It’s been quiet on the blog as I’ve been away. But another week, another exciting post! So I went and visited my Hubs in Seattle as he was there on business. A whirl wind of a trip, but a getaway none the less! So this week, Seattle and a few gems will be the feature.  Instalment 1, Pike Place Market.

So everyone I can imagine knows Pike Place Market, it’s the thing to do when you visit Seattle. You go, you check it out, you take way to many pictures of men tossing fish. It’s iconic and probably has thousands of post on it. But have you ever gone for the sheer enjoyment of a market? Have you ever gone for knowledge? Or maybe for the pure love of local food?

image Hubs and I tend to be early birds, we get up and hit the pavement running. So it wasn’t a surprise that we got to the Market well before the hub bub began. Honestly, this is the best time to come. A handful of stalls are open, the staff has time to talk and you can ask lots of questions without interruptions.  We were able to talk to the fish monger without pushy people or without the show being on.


IMG_0612 (1).JPG

Right past the fish show, lays the most amazing spice and herb shop. Market Spice will call to you from smell alone. The amazing aromas will direct your attention from fish, to spice. You walk in and the smell of the store draws you in like a warm bath. It’s the type of shop you just want to pull up a chair in and spend the day inhaling deep spicy notes. It’s magical and if I could have brought spices back to Canada, I would have filled up my bags! Don’t miss this store, not for a minute! Even if it’s to have a nose around, it’s worth the trip to Pike Place alone!


image1 (1).JPGThere is something so soul filling to be in such a place before people take over. To watch the floors glisten with fresh rain. To see displays being put together. To notice the small details come to life. The flowers have a different smell when you can actually have the time to sit, look, touch, inhale, ask and marvel at their beauty. Food getting hot for sampling and for purchase. The fresh fish samples, only available to those early birds. I’m such a senses person and to have free range to use all of them, without interruptions was by far the highlight of my trip! Because we love playing tourist in Cities we’ve been to before we headed over to Beecher’s Cheese. image2 (1).JPG

Probably famous for these beauties, as they also make them on site. However we sampled other products and devoured the most amazing grilled cheese ever! You must ask about the sweet fire chevre! Word!

Right above Pike Place is a hidden city gem; Matt’s in the Market. You would be wise to make reservations ahead of time, so when you’re done with the Market you can head on up. I had done my research on where to eat in Seattle before I left and Matt’s was definitely on my radar! Located upstairs on the corner of 1st and pike.  A beautiful little spot with views overlooking market and Elliot Bay. It’s loud, so don’t think quiet and romantic! A fantastic open kitchen and not a bad seat to be had! We ended up sitting at the bar and talking with the amazing bar staff. The menu is small, however mighty. Lots of things to choose from for Omnivores and Vegetarians. I feel like I could have sampled everything! I choose the falafel and hubs went for the Pork Belly Confit (sandwich). I know it seems strange to order falafel at a place like this, but sometimes I order ‘simple’ items to see how good a kitchen really is. If they are an outstanding kitchen, it will not just be a falafel. It will be a magnificent dish of flavours and spices and unique parings. IMG_0626.JPG

Needless to say, I’m glad we were able to get into Matt’s. We left with happy bellys and a promise to come again when we were in Seattle. It’s fresh food, straight from the market. It’s packed with flavour and aroma. It’s something new and a dash of creativity. There is thought and purpose in each dish. Each plate filled with skill andjust enough ingenuity. They aren’t reinventing the wheel here, just mastering it. A really lovely spot, right in the heart of Pike Place.

I really hope next time you’re in Seattle that you’ll take in Pike Place with fresh new eyes. Grab your Starbucks and get there early. Since most tourist can’t really buy much, it’s a great time to become a knowledgeable foodie. Ask lots of questions and ask for samples. I can’t imagine taking in the market any other way.

Eat together


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I was recently inspired by PC’s (President’s choice) campaign to get Canadian’s to eat together. I was one of the first respondents on their Instagram post when they did the launch. I couldn’t believe the amount of people who got mad. Yes mad. Not all people have the luxury of eating together. Not everyone can or has the time to sit down to eat. To me eating is a priority, a big one. I make the time, doesn’t everyone make the time if they have it? I’m not saying sitting down to a two-hour meal with courses and luxury conversation. I’m talking about families, sitting down to a meal. Or friends, getting re-acquainted. Strangers saying more than just hello.

A couple of years ago I read the most fabulous book French Kids Eat Everything by Karen LeBillion. This was my starting point for eating, for family eating. I was brought up like most typical kids, dinner is at 5:30 maybe 6. You sit, you eat, you clean and that is that. So this is how I brought up my kids; dinner is at 5:30, we sit, we eat, we clean and that is that. Until I read Karen’s book. You see, there was always someone missing at our table, my Husband. He works long and often late hours, he would come home and have to heat himself up dinner..or more often then not I would make him a different meal from what I was feeding the kids (and myself). If I really missed him, I would wait to eat and him and I would eat after the kids went to bed. Well after reading Karen’s book it really got the wheels in my head spinning! Why are we eating at 5:30 when only part of our family is home? If I move dinner to 7-7:30 then all parties will be here and accounted for.

Moving dinner to 7-7:30?! yes, we eat in our pj’s, normally after showers and homework. This makes complete sense to me! I was so worried that the kids were going to starve and so we had to eat early! well they don’t starve, plus by 7 they are super hungry and are willing to eat almost anything that I put down in front of their wee faces! Now 7ish works for my family. What time works for your family and house? is it 4pm? when the kids get off school, and before all activities start? is it 6?

This campaign really got me wondering about why we are eating alone and why aren’t we making meal times, important times? To me sitting together to eat isn’t just about dinner. Lord knows; as a mum of three, dinner sometimes just doesn’t happen! It just doesn’t, I’m tired, Hubs is travelling, the kids are being jerks and I really don’t want to sit with them. Whatever, it doesn’t always happen. However a meal to sit together is and is always most important to me. If they come home from school and I can judge right away this night is going down hill fast, then snack time is our meal. I’ll make tea, make everyone sit and we’ll enjoy each others company for thirty minutes.

Maybe I’m not realistic in my thinking. I know time is always of the essence. I know we’re over scheduled and over worked. However I really and truly believe, if we make the time to sit down and break bread…even for twenty short minutes. Changes will happen. If you live alone; invite a friend over, a family member you haven’t seen in a while or maybe that cute neighbour next door! When we sit down to eat, or just have a great cup of tea, we force ourselves to talk. To put down our devices and pay attention to someone else and something else.

When I sit down with my kids I lean all about things I would have never ever thought twice about! I make time to sit with my hubs in the morning and have a cup of coffee, a hot one…for a good 40 minutes! This maybe the only interaction we have all day, I want him to have my undivided attention…and I want his! I know this campaign may sound hokey to some, and maybe quite unattainable. However, when is the last time you sat down to truly enjoy a meal with those you love and care about…or maybe someone you see every day, but never say more than hello to.

It doesn’t have to be a big meal, or dinner. It can be breakfast, snack, coffee, a picnic or potluck! We are so bombarded each day with schedules and activities, check lists and to do lists, should dos and have to dos. When is the last time you came together, sat and broke bread to hear about how things are going in someone’s world? Try one night a week and work your way to two and up from there! Book it off in your calendar if you have to! Maybe start small, like a snack and work your way up to a potluck! However you do it, it’s time to start!



Wine Wednesday


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I have three lovely wines for you to try this week! After the Christmas bang, we’re on a budget(ish) so I’ve been looking for wine for you to try, that won’t cost your first born.

Josh Cellars-California (Sonoma)


I was introduced to ‘Josh’ from my friend, she proudly brought him over one night and declared him the best mid week wine! Well a bold claim, but you know..she’s so very right, except I can see myself drinking Josh every night! It’s honestly that good! A Bold Cab, it’s deep and rich. It’s leggy and doesn’t need much opening to be delicious. It doesn’t slap you in the face and demand attention. It merely shows up and you enjoy every minute! Smooth and fruity, spicy and earthy.  It’s like the Sonoma sunshine without a care in the world, a tall glass of desert dry earth and a picnic with your favourite someone. Now I have since gone out and bought my own bottle because once you drink one, you have to have another! The best part?! here in Canada, you can get it for $17.95 at the LCBO, a beautiful wine for under 20 bucks! STEAL!

Noble Vines-California (Clay Station, Lodi)
IMG_0538.JPGAnother Cab! I just cant help myself! This beauty rings in at $17.00 at our LCBO! $17.00 for one of the most amazing wines I’ve had in a long time. This gem is up there with wines I love to enjoy from France! Which should be of no surprise since the 337 vines derive from Bordeaux. Before I get to the wine, I need to tell you a little about Noble Vines. If you click on the link above to their website you are instantly hit with knowledge. Not only do they want you to enjoy great wine, they want you to know about wine! You can read all about the vines and stock, where it comes from and why it grows well in that soil. I love this! I love being a knowledge wine drinker, makes you look smart at parties! Okay, pour yourself a glass and wait, just a few minutes…if you can! The earthy smell will strike you right away, once it opens you will be taken to a place of familiarity. Of the earth and soil. Of rocks and herbs. Of the sun, and the salt coming from the San Fran Bay. You’ll taste rich dark fruit, coffee, chocolate. You’ll taste France, and old cellars. You’ll taste a richness that comes from age and history. It complicated, without being snobby. This is Date night, all summed up!

La Vieille Ferme-France (Vallee du Rhone)

A white! This little gem hubs picked up for me one night. Because; I like Chickens, not even jokingIMG_0562.JPG you! I wish I had lots to write about this one. I wish I had lots of complicated information and lengthy description to write out. The truth is. This wine is beautiful, it’s light, it’s airy. It’s delicate and not. It’s not offensive, it won’t demand attention. it doesn’t want to breath and wait to be enjoyed. There is no hidden agenda or alternative motive. Like some wines that you open, air and drink, think oooh delicious. Then they completely change to something only desperate people want to drink. This is constant and steady. A wine that wants you to have something to NOT think about. It just want you to pour a glass, pop in your ear plugs and put your feet up. You’ve had a long day, and you deserve something to just enjoy! You can pick this lovely up for $12.45 at the LCBO.


Hopefully I’ve inspired you to check out the wine section for a hidden gem or two! They are there, waiting for you! Not all good wines are expensive, you can get some great ones for under $20.00. Try these ones out and see if you agree!

*Please note that I’m not paid in any way. I enjoy great wine on my own terms and on my own money!


The Art of Waiting


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I’m not a very patient person by nature. I just want things to happen now! This same story goes for food. I generally can’t wait for a meal to be ready, or the tea to finish brewing or the cake to cool. I don’t think I’m alone. I think there are millions of us non patient people all over the world, we probably could have our own club, but we could never get together, because you know…the waiting.

I’m really trying to turn over a new leaf. I’ve started with daily activities like playing with the kids, cooking, reading (really! I can’t even wait to get to the end, so I read the end first!) I’ve also spilled this over to eating. You know what? It’s pretty amazing. The anticipation of eating, makes the food so much better! Now in cooking you have to do a little tasting, its part of cooking. For me, it wouldn’t be uncommon to get a good scoop and try before serving it to others.  Now with my waiting lessons, I’m just dabbing..a wee bit, onto a spoon to taste the seasoning.

With tea/coffee, I always have a little something on the side. Normally these tiny biscotti that are just the perfect treat! But because you can eat about 5 or so of them (they are that tiny!) I would put five on the plate, wait for tea and eat 2 before the tea was ready. Well I now take three and let the anticipated crunchy bite build up until the tea is ready.

There really is something to be said about the waiting. Letting all the excitement and wonder build up. Let your mind imagine how good it’s going to taste and when you finally get there, it’s just pure magic. Letting a cake completely cool before you cut into it and take that first bite. The aromas permeating the air and filling your house with lingering ‘come eat me’s!’ Waiting until the right moment to break open a fresh loaf of bread. Letting a bottle of wine truly open, before you take a sip. Coming home with farm butter and waiting for the perfect slice of hot toast to put it on. Letting a creme brulee fill your nostrils before you break that perfect crust.

You can even apply this to cooking! Oh my goodness, I’m the worst at turning things up because the slow melt of butter is driving me out of my tree! I just want the butter to melt, right when I put it in the pan. I want the mushrooms to drain their liquid quickly, I want meat to brown when I say and I want onions to caramelize in 5 minutes, not 25! But to wait, to truly let food do what it needs to do without rush is a site to be hold! The sound of eggs hitting warmed butter, or when risotto is all starchy like and has finally come together. Waiting until meat has let go of a pan, to flip it over. Letting Yorkshire’s get to their full risen potential.

I guess this is all part of our rush rush lives. We’re so used and accustomed to getting things just when we want and how we want them. It’s hard to slow down for a minute. When we can do this, when we can master the art of waiting and just turning down turbo speed for a minute. Something wonderful does happen. You learn. You learn about heightened tastes. You learn the art of slow cooking. You learn patients. This, is the best gift you can ever give yourself. If we’re always busy rushing around. How will we ever enjoy and savour? How will we ever use our five senses that were gifted to us.


What Makes a Foodie?


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I hear and see the term ‘foodie’ being tossed around a lot. So what is a ‘foodie’ exactly? someone who enjoys food? Knows where to get the best food? Someone who may enjoy another person preparing them an exquisite meal? Maybe a person who can pair wines and ingredients perfectly? Maybe. I know many people who enjoy cooking and eating and I wouldn’t consider them a foodie at all! I know this sounds like complete snobbery, but I’m going some place with this.

I define a foodie by someone who looks at food not only as a meal and something to be eaten, but by someone who can look at the ingredients and take them in with all their five senses. Someone who not only waits for the final part; tasting, to enjoy the food. But rather has taken in the ingredients, sense by sense.

A foodie can be defined by someone who takes food as an experience and makes the most out of all that experience is. An apple pie is not just an apple pie. Its the fruit on a tree, the farm, the smell of the farm. Its the feel of it in your hand, the feel of the peel spiralling around. The noise it makes as you chop it, the sound apples make when mixed with other ingredients. The smell of the spices (or herbs) that you mix with it. The feel of dough in your hands, the way you try not to touch it too much. The way butter looks when it marries perfectly with flour. Apple pie is Christmas, it’s thanksgiving, it’s a special occasion or no occasion at all. Apple pie isn’t just an apple pie. It’s warming and aromatic. It’s a comfort food. It’s memories. Its a moment of perfection on your tongue. The actual apple pie experience (for a foodie) started well before the pie was put on a plate.

The smell of wine. How it can take you to a cellar in France where the fungus was a living part of the wine making process. How it can bring you to a cheese or food you ate. The smell of someone. The smell of place.

The smooth taste of goat cheese on your palette. The green, the farm, the fields, the rain, the grass. You can take that in too. The feel of fresh made bread in your hand, the way it sounds when you break it open, the steam that releases, the smell that permeates. The way you slop it in oil and it drips down your fingers. Meat cured on hooks, make restaurants smell like old caverns, like a place you’ve always dreamed about. Fish cooked to perfection; tastes like salty English cobblestones, like isles and lochs. It tastes like British rain and London in the Spring. Muscles in clarified butter, transport you to Prince Edward Island, where you sat with the freshest shellfish picked right out of St Peter’s Bay.

A salad made with ingredients you grew. It tastes like summer, and the hot sun. It tastes like earth, the earth that you so lovingly cared for. The sounds of birds singing and the bees trying so hard to do their job. You can almost feel the cucumbers prickly nubs and the soft squash blossoms. The sound your creaky gate made every time you opened it, the sound of dirt too dry and a pea being popped open.

You see food isn’t just something you eat. It’s something that grows inside of you and leaves you hungry for the next experience. A foodie, doesn’t just eat. They don’t just look for the best dish or the best ingredients. They look for the best experience. The something that is hidden, that you only uncover when you choose to use all your senses. Food has the ability to take you someplace you’ve never imagined. You can’t simply eat food. You have to experience it. Meditate with it, pick out the key notes, dwell on the best parts, eat slowly, breath, close your eyes, touch it. Dive in! Food shouldn’t just nourish your body, it should nourish your soul. And when and only when you choose to experience food with your five senses, it is then that you can call yourself a foodie.




Getting Ready for a Whole30


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Well it seems to be that time again, another Whole30 is just around the corner. Whether you have food issues or not, a Whole30 isn’t just a food program. It’s about learning more about you, how your body works and what you need to do to feel your best all the time.

I’m not going to lie; its hard work, very hard work. You have to want it in order to succeed at it. You have to be a cross roads in your eating habits and know that you need to change something. In thirty days with your hard work and determination something truly amazing happens. For those of us with food addictions and food related issues, it’s honestly life changing.

After your body gets over the shock of not eating all the foods it’s used to, a calm takes over your whole being. Sugar no longer calls you in your dreams. You feel full with real food. Your body is satisfied, truly satisfied. You have energy that you never felt before. Your skin clears up. The binge eating goes away. Did you hear that? The chains of food is freed

As a briefing, during a Whole30 there is a long list of foods that you will not be eating. No wheat, dairy, grains, sugar. No cheat meals with compliant ingredients and no alcohol! So what will you be eating? LOADS! real food, whole food and good fats! You may not be eating cake, but you won’t miss a bite! Promise

Please know that this is NOT a diet. If you are doing this to drop some pounds, then turn away now. This is NOT for you. A Whole30 is a reset in the way you are eating. This is to teach you how your body feels without major allergens. This is to rid yourself of food demons.

So where to start? Set a date if you have to, or just jump right in. You do need to gear up for this. So if you wake up in the morning and think ‘Today I’m going start a whole30!’ Great, but make sure you have the time to go grocery shopping! Because you’re not going to be having milk and sugar in your coffee, you won’t be eating toast for breakfast and you need to eat balanced! The Whole30 website has a lot of free print outs, I found this very helpful during my first Whole30. I stuck them all over my fridge so I would know right away what to eat and how much, like your own personal coach!

So do your homework! Figure out a meal plan for every meal of the day and start prepping! Prep work truly is a key to whole30 success! Some days you just don’t want to cook; you’re tired, over worked, lazy or just busy. If you have food waiting in the fridge, it’s easy to be mindless! You won’t have to think about anything but making sure you have enough fat,carb and proteins.

There is a large Whole30 community out there. If you want to learn more or have questions, you just have to ask! I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be strong enough to do this. But when you dig deep and want something bad enough, it’s amazing what you can accomplish!

Food Journaling


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It seems like a totally obvious thing, but some people don’t really put much thought into it. You’re having a really bad month/week/year, you wonder what the heck is going on with your body. Are you pregnant? Maybe you got dodo bird disease? Maybe you’re covered in some weird rash? What could be the problem? You see the Dr but you get the same old Dr lines, it’s probably a viral something rather another. Truth is, it’s probably something you’re eating.

Every day we put loads into our bodies and some of us are blissfully unaware that some of what we shove into our gobs is really effecting our bodies. Even things we may not think about; like meat, fruit, veggies, sugar, eggs, soy or milk. It’s really important that we know ourselves, truly know ourselves.

During my current break up with wheat I’ve been also keeping aware of how else my body is feeling and reacting to food. I’ve been noticing that it’s not just wheat and diary that affecting me…there is other culprits. So I’ve bought a journal to start writing down every food that I’m eating. I’m taking lots of notes! What the meal is, what the foods are in that meal, how I was feeling before I ate and how I’m feeling afterwards. It really gives you a good indicator on trigger foods. I’m noticing pork seems to make me bloated. Too much wine will give me a lingering headache the next day (and not in a hungover way!) I don’t eat enough greens or drink enough water. This information is key to good health.

It’s easy enough to go through your day thinking you’re eating well or treating your body like a temple, but do you really know?? What about those of use trying to lose a few pounds? Do you know how much you are truly consuming? Count up all those bites and nibbles you took. You may feel proud of yourself for not eating the cookies you just made, however you ate enough dough for 3 cookies.

Journaling may seem like one of those boring non fun things to do.However when you’re not feeling your best and your body isn’t feeling well, it’s good to know why! Don’t forget to be honest with yourself and what you’re putting into your mouth. No one is going to suffer more than you from your dishonesty. For those of us watching our pounds, be honest with the amount you are eating. It it’s 12 cookies, don’t put two. Also if you are trying to lose weight, put why you ate. If you had a snack, was it because you were hungry? Bored? Tired? Upset? This is good key information to keeping us on track. If you know every day at 2 you eat a snack because you are tired. Maybe you can plan a walk around this time (to waken you up!) Maybe at 9am you’re snacking because you are bored. With this information you can really plan out your day and your meals.

It’s really worth it to put time and effort into ourselves. We want to live long and healthy lives. Being in the know about ourselves and our bodies is the key to getting us there.

Chocolate Mug Cake, Gluten Free


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I’ve had quite a lot of yes pleases for my gluten-free mug cake! Here’s my gluten-free, simple, easy and quick recipe. I have no idea where I got this recipe from, I really wish I did. I would send that person a mail full of love. This recipe checks all the boxes when we want chocolate and cake and we want them now!

Chocolate Mug Cake, Gluten Free

  • 3 TBSP coconut flour
  • 3 TBSP Cocoa Powder
  • 2 TBSP Honey
  • 2.5 TBSP melted butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 TSP vanilla extract
  • 3 TBSP milk of your choice

I try to do the baker thing by mixing the liquid ingredients first then add the dry. Really; do what you want, it’s cake, in a mug! Now you can use any fat of your choice, I’ve only used butter but I’m sure coconut oil would work fine too! or even a Vegan spread. I have used regular milk, almond milk and even coconut milk, all fine! Some days when I wanna jazz things up I may use mint extract instead of vanilla, but don’t use a whole tsp, I found that too much!  So once you mix it up, pop in the microwave and cook for about 2-2.5 minutes. At the two minute mark, check it. Stick a tooth pick in if you have to. If it needs more time, add 30 seconds. Once it’s done, it’s going to be HOT!!! Some days you just don’t have the want to wait, so proceed with caution! You can totally be happy eating the cake by itself, HOWEVER! Ice cream would be divine….or cream of sorts…or avocado chocolate icing…

So there you have it; easy, peasy, gluten-free mug cake.


Chicken and Chorizo (Chourico)


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First of all a HUGE thank you! I have had so much support in the last few days it makes my heart swell with joy! I really am having a rough time with my wheat break up. You all have like my post and followed my little blog. That support means more to me then any of you could ever imagine. Even though I may not ‘liked’ your posts or subscribed, I have ventured to every single one of your sites. I have read and enjoyed many of your posts. Good job fellow bloggers! Together we’re making the foodie world go round!

So with that outta the way! It’s FRIDAY! Who wants an easy Friday dinner meal???

Chicken and Chorizo (Chourico)

  • Package of chicken thighs
  • Chorizo
  • potatoes
  • onion
  • lemon or orange
  • herbs of your choice

Okay this can’t be easier, your prep will be done in less than 10 minutes!

Cut your potatoes and onions to a good eating size, toss them in a good size roasting pan. Add chopped Chorizo (or if your Portuguese, Chourico).Then nestle your chicken into the nest. Squeeze a lemon (maybe half) over it, toss the lemon into the pile. Roast at about 375 degrees for 45 minutes or so. This recipe (like all my recipes!) is to your taste. Don’t have a lemon? Add orange! Don’t have an orange? Add OJ! Don’t have Chorizo? Add sausage! Want garlic? Sure toss that in! Want every herb in your garden? Sure! Add that too!



I really don’t add any more seasoning than salt and pepper. Serve with a side salad or some other veg and you’re all set for an easy peasy Friday night dinner! My recipe normally feeds two adults and three rather picky children. So really, use your discretion if you need more to feed more.

Happy Friday! and Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Canadians!