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I have three lovely wines for you to try this week! After the Christmas bang, we’re on a budget(ish) so I’ve been looking for wine for you to try, that won’t cost your first born.

Josh Cellars-California (Sonoma)


I was introduced to ‘Josh’ from my friend, she proudly brought him over one night and declared him the best mid week wine! Well a bold claim, but you know..she’s so very right, except I can see myself drinking Josh every night! It’s honestly that good! A Bold Cab, it’s deep and rich. It’s leggy and doesn’t need much opening to be delicious. It doesn’t slap you in the face and demand attention. It merely shows up and you enjoy every minute! Smooth and fruity, spicy and earthy.  It’s like the Sonoma sunshine without a care in the world, a tall glass of desert dry earth and a picnic with your favourite someone. Now I have since gone out and bought my own bottle because once you drink one, you have to have another! The best part?! here in Canada, you can get it for $17.95 at the LCBO, a beautiful wine for under 20 bucks! STEAL!

Noble Vines-California (Clay Station, Lodi)
IMG_0538.JPGAnother Cab! I just cant help myself! This beauty rings in at $17.00 at our LCBO! $17.00 for one of the most amazing wines I’ve had in a long time. This gem is up there with wines I love to enjoy from France! Which should be of no surprise since the 337 vines derive from Bordeaux. Before I get to the wine, I need to tell you a little about Noble Vines. If you click on the link above to their website you are instantly hit with knowledge. Not only do they want you to enjoy great wine, they want you to know about wine! You can read all about the vines and stock, where it comes from and why it grows well in that soil. I love this! I love being a knowledge wine drinker, makes you look smart at parties! Okay, pour yourself a glass and wait, just a few minutes…if you can! The earthy smell will strike you right away, once it opens you will be taken to a place of familiarity. Of the earth and soil. Of rocks and herbs. Of the sun, and the salt coming from the San Fran Bay. You’ll taste rich dark fruit, coffee, chocolate. You’ll taste France, and old cellars. You’ll taste a richness that comes from age and history. It complicated, without being snobby. This is Date night, all summed up!

La Vieille Ferme-France (Vallee du Rhone)

A white! This little gem hubs picked up for me one night. Because; I like Chickens, not even jokingIMG_0562.JPG you! I wish I had lots to write about this one. I wish I had lots of complicated information and lengthy description to write out. The truth is. This wine is beautiful, it’s light, it’s airy. It’s delicate and not. It’s not offensive, it won’t demand attention. it doesn’t want to breath and wait to be enjoyed. There is no hidden agenda or alternative motive. Like some wines that you open, air and drink, think oooh delicious. Then they completely change to something only desperate people want to drink. This is constant and steady. A wine that wants you to have something to NOT think about. It just want you to pour a glass, pop in your ear plugs and put your feet up. You’ve had a long day, and you deserve something to just enjoy! You can pick this lovely up for $12.45 at the LCBO.


Hopefully I’ve inspired you to check out the wine section for a hidden gem or two! They are there, waiting for you! Not all good wines are expensive, you can get some great ones for under $20.00. Try these ones out and see if you agree!

*Please note that I’m not paid in any way. I enjoy great wine on my own terms and on my own money!